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High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic

Toyota’s High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic delivers the power and versatility you need to meet heavy-duty material handling challenges in any high-capacity operation. With a load capacity of up to 30,000 lbs., it’s ideal for lumber, steel, and automotive applications and can help you move almost anything. Top it off with the durability of a rugged drive axle and Dana transmission, and you’re ready to get the job done.

Special Features
  • 22,000-30,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Tilt-Out Cab
  • Wet Disc Brakes


High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic Specifications

Learn more about the current Toyota High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic models that are available for purchase.

22,000 - 30,000

Forklift Load Capacity



Maximum Fork Height



Load Center


Overall Length

180.08 - 180.58 in.

High Capacity-Core-IC-Pneumatic-Length

Overall Height


High capacity pneumatic height IC core

Overall Width


High Capacity Pneumatic Core IC Width

Models for High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic Forklift

Model Load Capacity (lbs.) Max Travel Speed Full Load (MPH) Max Lift Speed Full Load (FPM) Basic Right Angle Stack (in.)
2THD220-24 22,000 17.9 87 194.23
2THD240-24 24,000 17.9 87 194.48
2THD260-24 26,000 17.9 87 194.48
2THD280-24 28,000 17.9 87 194.73
2THD300-24 30,000 17.9 87 194.73

* Based on 24" Load center ** Add load length and clearance


Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Toyota dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Toyota dealer prior to purchase.

High Capacity Core IC Pneumatic_Application_54


The Muscle to Lift – No Matter the Load

Innovative design means intelligent and lasting power with the Toyota High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic. Built with a Cummins 4-cylinder diesel engine and Dana TE-14 transmission and assembled in Indiana its capacity of up to 30,000 lbs. will have you ready to meet any task.

High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic Features

Toyota’s High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic delivers versatility to handle any heavy duty task no matter your high-capacity operational needs. This product comes equipped with a Cummins 4-cylinder diesel engine that delivers up to 173 HP to give you the torque you need to move anything in the warehouse or under the sun. And its durable, with a rugged drive axle and electronically controlled transmission rounding out a reliable, heavy duty build.

See the value of the High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic in two important areas. When operators are hard at work, the low-tilt cylinder design, shorter carriage, and clear-view glass provide an unobstructed sightline. And when it comes to control, you have fingertip hydraulic controls, an air ride suspension seat, and long operator assist grips. Additionally, this lift comes with a standard premium cab with amenities such as work lights, heaters, and air conditioning to keep you comfortable and productive.

Safety features on the High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic include an integrated overhead guard which helps protect the operator from falling objects. This forklift also includes a neutral safety switch and operator restraint system. Wet disc brakes also come standard on this forklift which seals out debris, keeps breaks running cool, and reduces wear for increased uptime and a longer lifespan.

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High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic

Options / Accessories

High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic Accessories

Make the most of your High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic by considering additional options and accessories. A Toyota Forklift can be customized to meet your operational needs. An authorized Toyota Dealer can assist you in developing the best forklift that can help you with your company’s biggest material handling challenges.

Forward Camera

The front-view camera system provides the driver with a direct view of the floor in front of the truck, revealing dead spots and obstacles, preventing damage.

Public PNG Reach Stacker Close-up 3

Rear Object Detection

High-resolution radar sensor to detect both moving and stationary objects behind the forklift.

JPG Public High Capacity IC Pneumatic IC THD Application 14

Dual Camera

The dual camera system provides the driver with a direct view of the floor in front, and back of the truck, revealing dead spots and obstacles, preventing damage.

Dual Camera

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