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Automated Guided Vehicles

You move product. You want to move product more efficiently. It’s time to consider adding Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to your fleet. AGVs and automated forklifts are becoming a mainstay in manufacturing facilities and distribution center operations where repetitive tasks can be standardized to remove the need for human intervention. AGVs can be used to automate the transportation of products throughout your operation. 

AGV Types and Where to Use

Pallet Truck and Tugger Natural Features guided vehicles can integrate into your existing infrastructure by using lidar technology to build a map of your facility and operate within it. These systems require low to no building infrastructure, so integration is much faster and flexible with any future changes.

These wire-guided driverless vehicles follow a specified path generally built into or taped to the floor of the facility. Although this navigation technology was the first to be developed, it is still widely used due to its reliability and flexibility.

Customized Solutions

Traditional Forklifts with Automated Transportation

Partnering with Toyota Material Handling also means partnering with Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Automated Logistics Company. Together, these two North American leaders within the forklift and automation industries will work together for you to deliver quality customized solutions. 

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Toyota Material Handling and Bastian Solutions: Strength at Every Level

Toyota Material Handling has your pallet handling needs covered. Through our partnership with Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Automated Logistics Company, we can help your operation down to the parcel level and can make pallet handling more efficient. Bastian Solutions works closely with your Toyota Material Handling Dealer to offer industrial robotics systems that can handle individual products at each level, goods-to-person order picking systems for efficient labor use, and automated pallet handling, receiving, storing, and depalletizing. Click below to discover the possibilities.

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