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Energy Solutions

Toyota's Lithium-Ion Battery Options

Toyota’s Lithium-Ion Batteries utilize a patented battery design with a ceramic separator and electrolyte technology to increase your productivity. This design helps keep your battery operating at peak performance throughout a shift without losing voltage or performance. These lithium-ion batteries, which are available for select Toyota Forklift models, will keep you on the move. Trust Toyota to support your energy needs.

Charging Solutions

Lithium-Ion Compatible Chargers

To maximize your ToyotaLithium-Ion Batteries’ run time, you’re going to need a charger that is effective and easy to use. Lithium-Ion Chargers offer a plug-and-play solution to easily fit your Toyota Lithium-Ion Batteries and charge quickly to get you back to work. With superior energy management technology, you can expect your charger to run at peak efficiency while only using the necessary modules. Easy-to-change power modules mean easy maintenance. The charger-when combined with Toyota’s Lithium-Ion Batteries – takes less time to charge and reduces downtime while removing the need for extra batteries.

Product Advantages

  • 24V, 36V, and 48V options are available to fit a variety of forklift needs
  • Easy installation and implementation with drop-in solutions
  • Maintenance-Free Sealed Battery eliminates the need for watering, equalizing, and replacing batteries
  • UL listed
  • Standard warranty of 8 years


  • 120 to 540 amps
  • Plug-and-play solution to fit your lithium-ion batteries and make expansion easy
  • Small footprint allows for wall, post, or rack mounting
  • Modular design for ease of service

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