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What is SEnS+?

Operator Assist System Featuring Truck Slow Down

The SEnS+ Smart Environment Sensor Plus™ camera has been exclusively designed for forklifts to detect objects and pedestrians in the detection range. The system supports your operation by notifying the operator with a warning buzzer and warning lights. In addition to the system notifications, the system can control the traveling speed and slow down the truck for pedestrians and objects in specific conditions.

How Does SEnS+ Work?

  • Alerts the operator when pedestrians and objects are detected behind the forklift
  • Audible notifications have three distinct levels based on the distance of the obstacle
  • Supports your operation with clear notifications and truck speed control
  • No tags for detection required

Compatible Toyota Forklifts for SEnS+

The following Toyota Forklifts are currently compatible with SEnS+. This technology is only available on new forklift models.

      What is SEnS?

      Operator Assist System

      Toyota's SEnS Smart Environment Sensor® pedestrian detection system – designed and engineered by Toyota – uses advanced technology and can assist operators in identifying a pedestrian or object behind their forklift during a shift. SEnS uses proprietary algorithms to distinguish between these obstacles. If within a detectible range, a buzzer and four indicator lights will alert the operator that a pedestrian or object is within a certain range of the rear of the forklift. SEnS is available as an add-on kit that can be retrofitted for select Toyota Forklift models currently in utilization, as well as new models. SEnS works with multiple input voltages and fits a variety of applications.

      How Does SEnS Work?

      • SEnS enables customers to program up to three detection zones with different audible and visual alarms for each zone.
      • SEnS can detect objects up to 32 feet away.
      • The frequency in which the warning lights blink and a buzzer sounds increases as the pedestrian or object enters a zone closer to the rear of the forklift.
      • Detection zones can be configured to meet various customer applications

      Compatible Toyota Forklifts for SEnS

      The following Toyota Forklifts are currently compatible with SEnS. Forklifts already in use can be retrofitted for this product or it can be added to new models.