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Site Survey

Embrace Operational Efficiency

A site survey is when a trained warehouse consultant visits a workspace to help maximize the business’ workplace through racking, equipment, and other key solutions. Their job is to help a business work as efficiently as possible and utilize all the space a company owns while also helping meet the defined business goals. Contact your Toyota Material Handling Dealer today to schedule your site survey. 

Forklift Training

The first step to a a safe working environment includes properly training all associates. Making the investment in thorough forklift training can have significant cost-saving benefits, including the following:


  • Improved Working Conditions
  • Decreased Maintenance Cost
  • Decreased Insurance Cost
  • Decrease in Downtime
  • Increase in ROI

So, how can Toyota Material Handling help you properly implement forklift safety at your facility?  Every authorized Toyota Dealership offers safety-related programs and products, including, but not limited to:


  • Operator Training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Safety Equipment
  • Safety Accessories
  • Safety Regulation Training


Safety Audit

Zero Compromise Towards Safety

Creating a safe work environment is a top priority for many businesses. Through safety audits performed by your Toyota Dealer, you can assess your operation for any safety concerns. During the audit, a dedicated dealer representative will observe the work environment, equipment, and current work processes to assess your organization’s efficiency and, most importantly, your safety habits. Contact your Toyota Material Handling Dealer today to schedule your safety audit and continue to make a safe work environment your top priority!  

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