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Toyota Power Studies

Let Toyota Energy Consultants be your guide in understanding your operation’s energy consumption. Conducting a power study is a crucial step in analyzing if the Toyota lithium-ion battery (LiB) is a good fit for your operation. Toyota’s Power Study removes the guesswork from determining how many batteries are necessary for your application or deciding what kind of charger you may need. Power studies can be completed on both electric and internal combustion forklifts.


Data is generally collected for 2-4 weeks on the heaviest used trucks, offering information on run-time, idle, available charge, and amp hours. The data collected will provide you with visibility on what times equipment is being used as well as shift volume. Toyota Energy Consultants not only look at battery usage, but also at ways to eliminate waste and recommendations for customized solutions. When you’re ready to take control of your energy usage, partner with Toyota.

Electrify Your Fleet

IC to Electric Conversion

With electric forklifts now generating over two-thirds of the forklift market, the demand to integrate batteries, charging stations, and electric equipment is at an all-time high. At Toyota, we uniquely position our industry-leading forklifts with the latest technological innovations to help you get to the next level. We provide on-site consultations and power studies to understand your facility and application needs and determine which fueling method is right for you. Additionally, we evaluate your current energy sources and charging equipment. Pairing these solutions together is not as simple as it sounds, and the wrong combination can make or break your productivity gains. At Toyota, you can rely on the knowledge and expertise of our Dealers to pair you with the right solution for your fleet.

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