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AICHI Vertical Mast Lift

The AICHI Vertical Mast Lift delivers a versatile solution for tight-fitting construction and maintenance needs like piping, electrical, plumbing, and painting. A zero-degree turn radius is the key to accessing hard-to-reach locations. Using a state-of-the-art AC Drive Motor, it also offers precise travel and industry-leading run time that equate to greater efficiency and low cost of ownership.

Special Features
  • Up to 16 ft. Platform Height
  • Zero-Degree Turn Radius
  • 24-Volt AC Drive System


AICHI Vertical Mast Lift Specifications

Learn more about the current Toyota AICHI Vertical Mast Lift models that are available for purchase.


Platform Capacity


Up to 16 Feet

Lift Height

15 - 20

Platform Lift Time


Models for Aichi Vertical Mast Lift

Model Platform Height (ft.) Platform Capacity At Lift Height Platform Lift Time (sec.) Platform Lower Time (sec.) Overall Width (in.)
WM1230J 12.3 500 lbs. at 148 in. 15 18 30
WM1630J 15.8 500 lbs. at 189 in. 20 18 30

* Based on 24" Load center ** Add load length and clearance


Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Toyota dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Toyota dealer prior to purchase.

vertical mast lift lifted high to fix something


Rise and Shine

The thoughtful design of the AICHI Vertical Mast Lift puts you in control and provides everything you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. These compact and versatile machines deliver an innovative solution for your tight-fitting, high-reaching needs. They run longer and with precision travel that can’t be matched by traditional hydraulic drive systems.

AICHI Vertical Mast Lift Features

The AICHI Vertical Mast lift comes with a 24-volt AC Drive System. This product comes with an anti-rollback function that automatically engages the brake when a steep grade is encountered to prevent the lift from rolling back down the ramp while in use. Additionally, a platform extension allows for an additional 15 inches of platform length for greater accessibility and flexibility. The AICHI Vertical Mast Lift has a 3-stage telescoping mast which helps provides smooth operation and exceptional stability.

Special operator confidence features on the AICHI Vertical Mast Lift include a tilt alarm that alerts operators of unstable working conditions. As a result, platform movement is limited until the proper operation is restored. This forklift also includes an upper control box that offers remote use when maneuvering the truck in tight spaces.

Quality components such as the Toyota-designed and built motor controllers help to reduce your overall maintenance costs and improve uptime. The no-tools required, easy-access service panel covers, and hydraulic oil level indicator make performing routine maintenance a breeze. Troubleshooting and programming are also effortlessly managed through the multifunction display on the lower control panel.

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AICHI Vertical Mast Lift

Options / Accessories

Popular AICHI Vertical Mast Lift Accessories

Make the most of your AICHI Vertical Mast Lift by considering additional options and accessories. A Toyota Forklift can be customized to meet your operational needs. An authorized Toyota Dealer can assist you in developing the best forklift that can help you with your company’s biggest material handling challenges.

LED Work Lights

This option adds an LED light with switch, mounted to the overhead guard. The light is mounted using a RAM mount providing the ability to aim the light in the desired direction.

Public JPG Meubles Commander Picker Close Up Work Lights

AGM Maintenance Free Battery

UL EE-Rated Maintenance-Free battery/charger pack, 190AH, Delta-Q charger. Battery pack is bolted to the truck frame for battery retention.

 AICHI Vertical Mast Close Battery 2

Tool Tray

Convenient tray to hold operator tools.

Public JPG AICHI Scissor Lift Close Up Sheet Up Holder Option

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