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AICHI Scissor Lift

The AICHI E-Series Scissor Lifts can easily be used for multiple purposes between facilities maintenance, construction, plumbing, painting, and more. The E-Series Scissor Lifts can fit through a standard doorway and can reach working heights of 25, 26, 32, and 38 feet.

Special Features
  • 25 ft.-38 ft. Working Heights
  • 24 V AC Drive System
  • Zero-Degree Turning Radius


AICHI Scissor Lift Specifications

Learn more about the current AICHI Scissor Lift models that are available for purchase.

500 - 990

Platform Capacity


Up to 32 Feet

Lift Height

26 - 55

Platform Lift Time


Models for Aichi Scissor Lift

Model Platform Height (ft.) Platform Capacity At Lift Height Platform Lift Time (sec.) Platform Lower Time (sec.) Overall Width (in.)
SV1932E 19 505 lbs. at 228 in. 26 30 32.1
SV2032E 20 790 lbs. at 240 in. 28 40 31.9
SV2632E 26 505 lbs. at 307 in. 795 lbs. at 236 in. 33 37 31.9
SV2646E 26 705 lbs. at 382 in. 990 lbs. at 311 in. 40 50 46.1
SV3246E 32 705 lbs. at 382 in. 990 lbs. at 311 in. 55 60 46.1

* Based on 24" Load center ** Add load length and clearance


Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Toyota dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Toyota dealer prior to purchase.

Warehouse worker using an Aichi Scissor Lift to adjust a fixture on the ceiling of a warehouse


Cutting Edge Performance

The AICHI E-Series Scissor Lifts are engineered to be durable and easy to use. They are loaded with features to tackle your unique challenges and to help make your teams as productive as possible. Thoughtful engineering and versatility make these electric scissor lifts a dependable versatile lifting solution. And, with an efficient AC Drive Motor and robust construction, the AICHI E-Series Scissor Lift is applicable to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

AICHI Scissor Lift Features

This standard feature makes it easy to reach across objects on all AICHI E-Series Scissor Lift models. The extension adds a minimum of 35.4 inches to your working space with up to 50 inches of additional reach on larger models. The extension platform is easy to use and controlled with user-friendly handles that lock into place for secure operation.

The AICHI E-Series Scissor Lift offers carefully engineered for operator confidence. From its anti-rollback function to speed reduction with an elevated work platform, AICHI will help reduce the risk for operators. A pothole protection system can further stabilize the operator's working platform. Additionally, these machines are equipped with a travel alarm, horn, and excellent visibility in most typical working environments.

The 1932E model, the smallest and most nimble AICHI Scissor Lift, that can fit through a standard doorway of 80” x 34” with fixed guardrails, making it a powerful ally for your facility maintenance needs. Larger models feature standard fold-down guardrails and a thoughtful design of the detachable control box and cable, so you can adapt to your working space.

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AICHI Scissor Lift

Options / Accessories

Popular AICHI Scissor Lift Accessories

Make the most of your AICHI Scissor Lift by considering additional options and accessories. A Toyota Forklift can be customized to meet your operational needs. An authorized Toyota Dealer can assist you in developing the best forklift that can help you with your company's biggest material handling challenges.

Fold Down Guard Rails

Allow larger scissor lifts to pass through doorways and other low obstacles.

Public JPG AICHI Scissor Lift Close Up Entry Gate

Air Line to Platform

Provides a air line on the platform for easy access to operators.

Public JPG AICHI Scissor Lift Close Up Platform Airline

LED Work Lights

This option adds an LED light with switch, mounted to the overhead guard. The light is mounted using a RAM mount providing the ability to aim the light in the desired direction.

Public JPG Meubles Commander Picker Close Up Work Lights

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