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Toyota Enclosed End Rider Video

The Toyota Enclosed End Rider proves that performance drives productivity. In the material handling industry, this is very important for success. 


The Enclosed End Rider is available in 6,000 lb. to 8,000 lb. capacities with various fork configurations to meet diverse application needs. What sets it apart is the 24V lithium-ion battery. Paired with a rugged AC Drive Motor, this battery not only maximizes uptime but also the need for frequent battery changes.


With this truck, heavy-duty construction and thoughtful design are combined to help operator’s move materials in high volume comfortably over a long period of time. The low step height and many lean points help minimize operator fatigue. The standard power steering also reduces fatigue by reducing the effort needed to steer. 


The forks on the Enclosed End Rider were made for easy pallet entry and exit on this truck. The tapered forks also allow smoother transitions on and off the rider. Variable lift and lower speeds allow the operator to adjust and control the load, adding stability and efficiency. The Enclosed End Rider has programmable speed settings from slower to faster. For example, programming the optional fork height travel lock helps minimize speed with forks as the lower and increase the speed with a higher fork height. This truck can also travel with a higher fork height, reducing damage to the undercarriage.  


Do you operate in a cold facility? The Enclosed End Rider has a cold storage conditioning option that creates optimal performance in low temperatures. Overall, the Toyota Enclosed End Rider is a great fit for your operations.

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