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Multifunction Control Handle

Looking to add an aspect to your Reach Truck, Order Picker, or Stand-Up Rider? If so, the Multifunction Control Handle is what you are looking for. This product helps the operator conduct multiple functions simultaneously, increasing productivity. Another way this product helps increase productivity is due to the ability to move pallets faster and more efficiently compared to a standard control handle.  


Not only does the Multifunction Control Handle increase productivity, but it is also intuitive and ergonomic. This product is easy to learn, so there are no worries about adjustment time when integrating it into an existing process. 


At Toyota, we want to help you carry the load. This is why the Multifunction Control Handle operates with 61% fewer parts than competitors. Simplifying the process intercepts where additional problems may arise. Due to having fewer parts, there is less maintenance needed, resulting in lower costs.  


Do you operate in a cold environment? No reason to freight. There is an optional heated handle for when applications require cold storage. Toyota’s Multifunction Control Handle is a way to ease production, lower costs, and improve operator performance. 

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