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Gourmet Recipe Experts Customer Story


Gourmet Recipe Experts is a company gourmet food processor with acidified food from pickles to relishes to salsas and on. Gourmet also does private label programs, and its products are involved in high-traffic locations such as Cowboy Stadium and Yankee Stadium. The company’s reach is wide as it operates from California all the way to New York. There is a dedication to quality here as they also do hand-packed operations.
In this video, Howard Montgomery, the president of Gourmet Recipe Experts, explains the operation of the business and why various trucks help with their daily work. He explains how Toyota Forklifts have been useful for Gourmet as they lift thousands of pounds of product and transport it around its facilities. He also expresses how material transportation is a very important factor in this business and they rely on the trucks to move products every day. Being efficient is important in every industry, but in the food industry, it is critical to have products delivered on time, without setbacks. Gourmet transports about 18,000 lbs. of product a day, translating to about eight to ten pallets a day out of the door. Inbound, they rely on trucks to move products such as glass and sugar.
Montgomery hypothetically explains that if Gourmet lost a forklift for one week, slowing down operation, it would lead to a primary manager being out of production for about three hours a day until it was up and running again. “Their [Toyota’s] service is quick. You put in a call, and you don’t have to follow up. They show up and take care of things,” states Montgomery. 

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