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A Blueprint for Success When You Need to Rent a Forklift

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Posted: March 29, 2018
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There are several reasons why you might need to rent a forklift, whether you use a whole forklift fleet in your operation or have never used one in your facility before. Forklift rentals are an easy way to fill gaps in your material handling needs. Toyota forklift dealers across the nation maintain rental fleets to serve their local regions, offering a wide range of options. Most rental operations carry an assortment of more common models of forklifts to cover things like breakdowns for fleet-owning customers as well as a range of less common models needed for short, specialized functions. But how do you know when to rent a forklift instead of pursuing other acquisition options? And can you expect as a rental customer, both out of the forklift you’re renting and the dealership that’s renting it to you? This guide will help you understand some reasons you might rent a forklift, what will happen when you enter the rental market, and what your engagement with a Toyota forklift dealer will look like during rental.

Reasons to Rent a Forklift

Renting a forklift is a good idea for many operations and in many different kinds of situations. But for some people who need material handling, the question of why they should rent comes up often. This is especially true of operations managers who have spent their careers around fleets of forklifts that have been purchased or leased. But there are actually several reason why even the most experienced forklift operations might want to rent a forklift.


  • You suddenly have increased demand on very short notice. It’s great when business is booming! When you have an unexpectedly great quarter or land that whale of a new client, you might need forklifts on short notice and without time to shop.
  • You have an anticipated peak season. You might have a spike in demand during a certain period that requires more forklifts but can’t justify a new purchase or lease in the budget while out of peak season. You also may want to minimize surplus and idle time during off-seasons.
  • You need to conserve capital. When you rent, there are no expensive upfront acquisition costs in the form of interest-bearing loans. A Rental Purchase Option (RPO) is a common method to purchase a rental you found to be well-suited to your application.
  • You want modern equipment. Rent and you will typically have more recent models and up-to-date technology.
  • You have a fixed budget. Unexpected maintenance costs can blow your budget. When you rent with a Toyota dealer, all maintenance costs are covered by the dealership.
  • You want to try it before you buy it. If you are considering adding to your fleet, renting will help you find out which model will best support your needs.
  • You want to evaluate the dealer. One of the most important parts of success in handling materials is having a partner you can trust. A rental term is a good time to test a potential long-term relationship with a new dealership.
  • When you need to handle unusual loads for a short time. There are oddly-shaped loads and massive capacity needs that seldom come around. Renting a specialized forklift can help.
  • When you have a forklift out of service for repairs. Downtime is a reality of forklift operations. Renting a forklift can help you reel in the slack.

How to Prepare to Rent a Forklift

When you go to a dealership to rent a forklift, there are a few things that you can do to help prepare and make the process smooth and easy, and to set a precedent as a good rental partner. Being prepared means you’ll get the forklift you need when you need it, so you can get to work on your important tasks.


  1. Be Open and Honest with Your Dealer: Have a firm grasp on the length of time you need the forklift. Be clear about what you’re going to use it for so they can help ensure your rent the right equipment. Open communication is key.
  2. Have the Proper Information for a Credit Application Ready to Go. The number one hang-up for getting a rental? Not getting a credit application on file in a timely manner. Have the information available from the get-go so your rental experience is easy.
  3. Be Prepared with Proof of Insurance. You’ll likely need to provide proof of a one-million-dollar liability insurance policy.
  4. Know Where You Want the Forklift Delivered. It’s not uncommon for a renter to neglect to tell and a rental company to neglect to ask if the main address of the operation is actually where the forklift needs to be delivered. Save everyone from the problems of rerouting, and make sure you tell your dealer the location where you need the forklift delivered.

What to Expect During the Time When You Have the Rented Forklift on Site

Now you’ve rented a forklift and it’s on-site. That comes with a whole new set of rules and questions about who is responsible for what when it comes to the maintenance and function of the forklift. Here are some issues to keep in mind about what to expect.


  • During a rental term, thorough communication is key. When in doubt, always overshare. Call your dealer or rental partner.
  • When you rent with Toyota, you’re not responsible for routine maintenance on the forklift.
  • You are responsible for operational costs like fuel.
  • If you need a specialized attachment, expect to pay an additional cost. Your dealer might have the attachment you need, so save time by letting them know you need it upfront.
  • You’ll be getting a late-year, fully-functional forklift. And you should expect to. Make sure that’s the case before you accept delivery.
  • It’s the renter’s responsibility to make sure their operators are properly trained on all models they will operate. Different forklifts call for different training. Your Toyota forklift dealer can provide the training your operators need.
  • The renter is responsible for any damage done to the forklift while it’s in its possession.



We’re excited about the possibility of working with you on your forklift rental needs. To begin the conversation and check availability, contact your locally authorized Toyota dealer today.

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