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New Toyota IC and Electric Forklift Option Empowers Productivity

EZ Control Joystick close up

Toyota’s new EZ Control Joystick optimizes productivity by placing all hydraulic controls in a single intuitive feature.



COLUMBUS, Ind. (August 19, 2020) – Toyota Material Handling (TMH) recently introduced the Toyota EZ Control Joystick, the company’s latest innovation designed to reduce operator fatigue and optimize productivity. The number one forklift manufacturer in North America now offers this ergonomic option on all Core IC, Mid IC, Large ICCore Electric, and 3-Wheel Electric forklifts.


Toyota’s EZ Control Joystick offers forklift operators a convenient way to operate their equipment and approach even the most difficult material handling challenges with precision and ease. The durable ISO-style joystick is similar to those used in construction and agricultural equipment. Its multi-function capabilities enable forklift operators to minimize downtime and increase productivity by allowing them to control all necessary functions outside of braking and travel.


Toyota EZ Control Joystick Functions:


Travel Direction Switch (option available for steering column-mounted directional switch)


Lift and Lower Forks


Forward and Backward Tilt


Auxiliary Control 1 (Ex. Side Shift)


Auxiliary Control 2 (Ex. Fork Positioner)


Auto Fork Leveling


Horn Button (on back)


The ergonomic design of the new Toyota EZ Control Joystick is built with an intuitive axis-based pivot and strategic button placement. Forklift operators can quickly and easily make adjustments to optimize comfort to fit their preferences using built-in controls on the side of the armrest, and can even use two functions at once – such as lift and tilt.


“Our goal at Toyota is to constantly work to develop innovative and creative solutions,” said Tony Miller, TMH Senior Vice President of Operations and Engineering. “The Toyota EZ Control Joystick epitomizes that goal by raising the bar in comfort and functionality for our forklifts. Our customers expect reliable, performance-enhancing solutions to their evolving challenges. The Toyota EZ Control Joystick delivers that and more.”


In addition to optimizing productivity, the new EZ Control Joystick offers forklift operators easy access to built-in storage for frequently used items such as pens, tape, and small tools. Two USB charging ports are integrated into the EZ Control Joystick to provide operators a convenient option to power and stow their portable electronic devices.


More information about the industry-leading lineup of available forklift options that include the new Toyota EZ Control Joystick can be found at ToyotaForklift.com.


About Toyota Material Handling


Toyota Material Handling offers a full line of material handling products proudly assembled in the United States, including forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, pallet jacks, container handlers, automated guided vehicles, and tow tractors, along with aerial work platforms, fleet management services, and advanced automation engineering and design. Toyota’s commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, the hallmark of the Toyota Production System, extends throughout more than 230


locations across North America. For more information, visit ToyotaForklift.com.

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