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Toyota Special Design Requests (TSDRs)

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Do you need a special mast to support your application? Does your safety manager want you to add blue lights on the overhead guard? Would a personalized decal make all the difference for you and your business? What about a custom paint job? At Toyota, your unique requests are our favorite challenges. From paint jobs to mirrors, from lights to guards, Toyota special design requests, known as TSDRs for short, are almost always available.

The TSDR process is easy. It starts by clearly explaining your request to your salesperson at your local Toyota forklift dealership. Work with your dealer to identify as many images as necessary to help them and others understand your vision. After your dealer understands what you’re looking for, they will send a request to Toyota’s mechanical engineers at the Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing plant in Columbus, Indiana. The engineers will review the images to understand your needs and then thoroughly vet your requests to ensure they meet all safety regulations.

Once your design request is cleared of any potential safety issues, the forklift order is validated and it enters the manufacturing process. Toyota special design requests now make up a majority of new forklift sales and are a growing trend. Today, specific forklift use is increasingly more defined, with a greater importance placed on application-specific efficiencies. Special design requests require a unique chain of events and actions prior to the forklift entering the manufacturing process. This often results in increased lead times, so be sure to plan accordingly. Although lead times can be longer, Toyota customers with special requests unanimously agree it’s worth the wait.

Whether you’re looking for corporate branding, supporting a specific cause or modifying a forklift to perform a specific task, Toyota forklift’s TSDR process provides a customizable made-to-order forklifts solution to fit your needs. To find out more about Toyota forklifts and Toyota special design requests, contact your local Toyota forklift dealer or visit toyotaforklift.com.

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