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Toyota Mid IC Pneumatic Forklift Official Video

Working outdoors means heavy loads, unpredictable weather and occasionally uneven, difficult to maneuver surfaces. There’s no doubt about it. Outdoor work can be tough for some forklifts but not for the Toyota Mid IC Pneumatics. These forklifts are up for the challenge and ready to deliver shift after shift. The Toyota Mid IC Pneumatic has the ability to lift up to a hefty 11,000 pounds so you can handle the weight of your building materials such as lumber or stone. And it moves quickly with a top speed of 13.7 miles per hour. When you work with a Mid IC Pneumatic, you’ll be able to move more faster than you ever could before, but speed and strength aren’t the only things the Mid IC Pneumatic has to offer.


This machine is the picture of quality, durability, reliability and value. With 20% more fuel efficiency when running with gas and 30% more fuel efficiency when using diesel. The Mid IC Pneumatic is economical compared to the previous model. The rugged outdoors is no match for the durability of the Mid IC Pneumatic. From the Pneumatic tires to the steel guardrail this forklift is built to take on your toughest jobs. Unique features like moisture resistant electric connectors and an engine protection system have been added to the Mid IC Pneumatic to take durability to a new level from the inside out.

In fact, the Mid IC Pneumatic is so durable and reliable that you’ll see uptime like you’ve never experienced before when you add it to your fleet. Your needs aren’t standard so we don’t expect your forklift to be. That’s the reason the Toyota Mid IC Pneumatic has dozens of available options to customize for your specific needs. You make the decision. Should your Mid IC Pneumatic forklift run on gas, LP or diesel fuel? Should we add mini lever controls for easier fork maneuvering? Or would you prefer to add a cabin to make the cold days working outdoors more bearable? Whatever you choose, Toyota can make it happen with a Toyota special design request. And from start to finish, your forklift will be built in the world renowned Toyota production system known for extreme attention to detail and a philosophy of continuous improvement. For your mid-sized outdoor material handling applications, the Toyota Mid IC Pneumatic will become one of your most trusted tools. To learn more about Toyota forklifts and how they can help your business, visit ToyotaForklift.com or your local Toyota forklift dealer.

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