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Center-Controlled Rider & Core Tow Tractor Automated Forklifts Video

The Toyota Center-Controlled Rider & Core Tow Tractor Automated Forklifts offer accuracy, productivity, and seamless integration. The Center-Controlled Rider offers a 7,000 lb. capacity and the Core Tow Tractor offers a 10,000 lb. capacity.  


These two automated forklifts have LIDAR technology, better known as Light Detection and Ranging. The two forklifts seamlessly integrate into existing operations, with little to no added infrastructure required. Mapping technology and LIDAR allow the automated forklifts to move when and where they are programmed to be. With the Center-Controlled Rider & Core Tow Tractor, you will not have to worry about accuracy. On these forklifts, the accuracy tolerance is as little as 1 inch. This high-level accuracy results in consistent and reliable performance for your operation. 


Comprehensive Toyota training is offered, putting you in control to alter routes, add units, and minimize downtime. This comes with no ongoing subscription or service fees. Also, if you have concerns about the safety of the forklifts, look no further. Toyota’s automated forklifts use cutting-edge sensors to slow and stop a vehicle when it detects an obstacle in its path.  


If you choose not to use the automated forklifts as so, you can easily change it between automated and manual modes to promote versatility and control. The Center-Controlled Rider & Tow Tractor Automated Forklifts deliver the quality, durability, and overall low cost of ownership that you expect from Toyota. 

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