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Toyota Core Electric 1-Ton Forklift Video

Toyota’s Core Electric 1-ton Forklift is compact for superior maneuverability. Despite this being a smaller, compact vehicle, it is big where it matters the most. It is big on productivity and efficiency thanks to the new AC Drive and Pump Motors, allowing the forklift to achieve industry-leading run time and performance. 


The Core Electric 1-ton Forklift is big on comfort as well as having a standard full seat suspension, turn speed control, and a spacious operator compartment for its body. It is big on visibility with its upgraded dash mount display, improved overhead guard, and standard LED headlights. Along with that, versatility is a very important factor to mention. There are 34 new options, including a rear assist grip and seatbelt interlock. 


The Core Electric 1-ton Forklift may be compact, but at Toyota, we think big. 

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