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Toyota Core IC Forklifts Video

The Core IC Pneumatic and Core IC Cushion are proof of Toyota’s drive to advance to meet new industry challenges. These trucks help you lift even the heaviest of loads, with a range capacity of 3,000 lb. to 6,5000 lb. At Toyota, we know you are facing increasing demands and need forklifts that thrive even with additional use. Toyota has you covered whether you need the Core IC Pneumatic for outdoor use or the Core IC Cushion for indoor use.


With 4Y gas and 1Zs diesel engines, the Core IC Forklifts are here to get you through your operations. This design provides dependability, durability, reliability, and serviceability. You will have easy access to filters and other serviceable parts. Some customers report over 30,000 hours of operation using the 4Y engine, a notable difference in Toyota forklifts. Every 4Y engine in a Core IC forklift now offers a coil-on-plug ignition system which eliminates the distributor and high-voltage spark plug wires to reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs. 


The Core IC line by Toyota also helps you stay in front of your productivity goals as the cutting-edge multifunction display comes standard. The included masked angle travel direction and wheel angle indicators help to eliminate operational uncertainty and keep drivers on task throughout their shift. 


When your forklifts do encounter downtime, you need to quickly diagnose the problem and get them back up and running. The new QR code diagnostics help this diagnosis. All you have to do is use your mobile device’s camera to scan the code and instantly receive information and data such as truck idle time and key on time. You can share data easily by accessing the error code and fault snapshots and relaying this information in order to get it back up and running. 


The Core IC Forklifts deliver excellent visibility with the wide-view mast and standard LED headlights in the front and rear lights, which can be added on to the truck. The fully adjustable suspension allows seats to change to the specific operator’s needs. The low step height fuel operator assist grips, and a spacious floorboard makes getting on and off the forklift a breeze. If there is lateral stability detected, the active control rear stabilizer automatically engages to release the stability triangle and reduce the likelihood of a tip-over. Active mast control will also respond automatically to enhance the stability of the load at a specific height by reducing mast tilt. The standard automatic fork leveling helps to improve productivity and reduce product and rack damage. The Toyota Core IC Forklifts are here to enhance your operations.

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