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Gameday Brought To You By Toyota Forklifts

(Read the video transcript here.)



Video Transcript
Jim Gaskin (00:03):
Football is very deep in the culture of the South.
Chris Davis (00:07):
There’s two seasons. There’s football season and there’s not football season.
Chris Hand (00:11):
I call it a lifestyle. It’s something that you’re born into.
John Wofford (00:20):
It doesn’t matter which university that you’re at. They all have unique traditions. Every single one of them was a unique opportunity for us to come in and solve a problem, to provide a solution, and at the same time we wanted to be able to provide them with something and a piece of equipment that was very iconic.
Chris Davis (00:39):
We’re always going to do whatever it takes to get it done, but it’s always nice to have a product that you believe in to help you get the work done. And that’s what the Lilly Company and Toyota provides us.
Speaker 1 (00:49):
Just about everything we purchase comes on a pallet.
Speaker 2 (00:52):
Helmet, shoulder pads, cleats.
Eric Kleypas (00:55):
Fertilizer, pesticides, field-marking paint. By using the forklift to get it from field A to field B, we’re fresh and we’re efficient.
Jim Gaskin (01:03):
You have no idea what time that saves, I promise.
Ann Brett Gillespie Strickland (01:08):
Not only is the facility’s group here at football using it, but basketball and baseball for graduation in those concerts.
Chris Hand (01:17):
It was being used by our sound guys one day. The next day it’s being used by our facility guys. We don’t know where it is right now, but I can guarantee you it’s being used.
Jim Gaskin (01:28):
I’ve been driving forklifts for 20 years or more on and off, and the Lilly Toyota brand has really blown away each and every one that I’ve ever been on.
Chris Hand (01:39):
Toyota’s a perfect match. They like doing things right the first time. We like to put a quality product out there.
Chris Davis (01:46):
That we have really awesome partnerships like Toyota and Lilly Company that make all those nuts and bolts come together, when our fans get to Saturday, they can sit back and enjoy the experience, enjoy the game.
Ann Brett Gillespie Strickland (01:57):
They just help game day be the experience that everybody wants.

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