Tow Tractor

  • 3,992 – 5,987 kg (8,800 – 13,200 lb.) Tow Capacity

Toyota’s CBT4, CBT6 and CBTY4 Floor-Runner models are highly reliable sit-down electric towing tractors designed with the ever increasing demands of your application in mind.

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Toyota Forklift
  • Ergonomically designed compartment allows easy operation of all controls and pedals to help reduce operator fatigue.
  • Electric shift lever offers fingertip control for fast and easy direction control changes (CBT4.6 only).
  • Forward/reverse speed control lever provides fast and easy direction control changes and eliminates the use of a floor-mounted accelerator pedal (CBTY4 only).
  • Fore/aft adjustable seat and spacious legroom improve overall operator comfort (CBT4.6 only).
  • Low step height allows for easy entry and exit.
  • Small-diameter steering wheel with a two-stage reduction unit provides effortless steering.
  • Tilt steering column option available for meeting operator preference (CBT4.6 only).
  • Rear lean point can be adjusted vertically to the operator's desired position (CBTY4 only).
  • Operator assist grip provides increased stability while traveling (CBTY4 only).


  • Transistor control system offers smooth acceleration and improved battery efficiency.
  • Three-wheel platform and a short wheelbase provide a tight turning radius for maximum maneuverability and control in confined work environments.
  • Cargo rack allows operators to securely place packages onto the rear of the vehicle (CBT4.6 only).
  • Transversely mounted drive motor provides excellent power and gradeability.
  • Center pin mounted front Axle provides a smoother ride.
  • Quick release tow hitch option available to increase comfort and productivity by enabling the operator to release load carts without having to leave the seat (CBT4.6 only).

Ease of Service

Toyota Forklift
  • Brake fluid reservoir conveniently mounted inside the operator compartment for improved daily operator checks (CBT4.6 only).
  • Low-effort battery hood features a convenient handle and an assist damper that automatically holds the hood open for easy battery access (CBT4.6 only).
  • Battery roll out facilitates battery replacement and service (CBTY4 only).


Toyota Forklift
  • 48-volt electrical system for optimal performance in the toughest applications.
  • Helical gears provide high transmission efficiency and lower noise levels.
  • Hydraulic drum brakes provide smooth stops while towing heavy loads.
  • Heavy-gauge unitized steel frame construction.
  • Heavy-duty front bumper option available for added chassis protection (CBT4.6 only).
  • Solid pneumatic dual steer tires increase tire life while providing the operator with easier steering and a smoother ride.

Specification Chart

Model Load Capacity
kg (lb)
Drawbar Pull Voltage (V) Maximum Travel Speed With Load,
Overall Length With Tow Hitch
Overall Width,
Overall Height
CBT4 3,992
880 48 9 (5.6)
(1,996 kg/4,400 lb)
CBT6 5,987
990 48 13
(2,994 kg/6,600 lb)
CBTY4 3,992
880 48 9